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I sat in front of the PC and stared in awed disbelief at the message on the screen, I had placed the ad on the adult web site less than twenty-four hours ago and already I had almost a dozen responses.I was admittedly surprised because the details of the ad specified a certain type of woman I was looking for and usually I found it a challenge to locate a woman either willing or even eager to fill my needs.Her creamy flesh was marked with bright pink lines from the switch she held in her mouth as she gazed into the camera.I just got your letter and after reading it I viewed the two photos you attached to it. I was not expecting to find a submissive when I placed this ad; however, I think that perhaps we can find common ground if we sit down and talk this over. However I must confess that I would be open to learning in order to fulfill your needs.I received your request a few minutes ago and understand your desire to see what I have to offer you.

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I feel that you need to know a bit about me initially, so there will be no misconceptions about my background.

I was married for ten years to a very dominate man that I submitted to, not just as his wife; but as his submissive.

I hope that you can understand my needs and it poses no problems for us to chat, Her lush ripe breasts hung from her chest about the size of two large flawless cantaloupes each one capped with a transparent cylinder that clung to her dark engorged nipples that were drawn into them from the suction applied.

Her face was clearly visible to the camera and the raw lust and need I saw in her eyes told me she was totally enjoying her torment.

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